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Designed to conveniently turn any GIVI Monokey top box into a trolley. On the top side the S410 is exactly as any Monokey mounting plate, so it accepts any top case and flat side case from the Monokey series. On the flip side the S410 replicates the bottom of any Monokey case, meaning that the trolley can be attached to any existing Monokey mounting plate on any motorcycle or scooter.

If the motorcycle or scooter have the GIVI optional brake light kit installed, it will not be a problem thanks to the slot featured on the bottom of the S410, that will fit exactly around and over the half of the contact switch, already mounted on the receiving plate. The extendible aluminum handle is light and rugged, and the rubberized grip is designed for extra comfort. It also includes the release button. The wheels are mounted on bearings and are designed to offer the best performance on a variety of surfaces. Thanks to 6 built in strap loops, the trolley can also be used to carry soft bags or small packages. There is a worldwide patent pending on the S410.


• injection molded main body, made of nylon blended with fiberglass
• texturized surface to reduce scratching and scuffing
• Monokey mounts on top and bottom
• Automotive derivate Security Lock
• 4 section extensible aluminum handle
• rubberized grip with release button
• bearing mounted wheels, designed for the best performance on a variety of surfaces
• 6 cargo strap loops
• weight 2.3 Kg
• patent pending worldwide


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